Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Credit Union?

A credit union is a federally chartered and regulated financial institution, similar in most respects to a savings and loan association or savings bank. A credit union’s membership, however, is limited to a specific group of individuals with a "common bond"; in our case, that group is employees of all Linde employees and subsidiaries in the United States.

What is the relationship between the Credit Union and Linde?

The Linde Employees Federal Credit Union is an organization sponsored by The Linde Group, Inc. but whose operation is totally independent of the sponsoring organization. The employees of the Credit Union are not employees of Linde. All member transactions are handled confidentially and no information regarding Accounts or activity is shared with the sponsor.

What is the Linde Employees FCU’s field of membership?

Membership is open to all employees of The Linde Group, Inc. who are paid from Murray Hill as well as "immediate" family members (i.e., spouses, children, siblings, parents and grandparents).

Can I remain a member if I leave Linde?

Yes. Credit Union members who leave the company may retain their active status; however, a member must initiate a minimum of one transaction per year in order to remain active. If a member chooses to close his or her account after he or she is no longer employed by Linde, that individual may not rejoin the credit union at a future date.

How do I join?

Prospective members can either (1) go to our Forms page on this site (2) visit the Credit Union office at 575 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill (1st Floor off the lobby) or (3) call (908) 771-6422 to receive the necessary forms by mail. Complete the forms and return them to the credit union (original signature is required). An initial $5.00 deposit is required to open an account; members must make a minimum of one deposit transaction per year to keep an account active.

What types of accounts are available?

Credit Union members may open either Single accounts (one member) or Joint accounts, where the account is opened in the names of two individuals, both of whom are included in the field of membership (e.g., spouses, child, parent and grandparent). Each holder of a dual account would have borrowing and other Credit Union privileges; in the case of one joint account-holder’s death, the account could remain open.

What products and services does the Credit Union offer?

The Linde Employees Federal Credit Union offers a full selection of banking products and services. For a complete list of opportunities, click here.

Are my assets protected?

Yes. All accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Association ("NCUA"), an insurer established by the federal government. NCUA undertakes and annual examination of the books and records of the Linde Employees FCU.

Our books and records are also audited on an annual basis by an independent firm engaged by the supervisory committee of the board of directors. Moreover, account balances are verified at least every biannually by the supervisory committee.

A CUMIS surety bond protects the credit union from fraud, embezzlement, robbery or lack of faithful performance.

Who sponsors the Linde Employees Federal Credit Union?

The Linde Group, Inc.

Who operates and supervises the Credit Union?

The Credit Union is operated by two employees - a manager and an assistant manager. For a list of current staff members, click here. Operations are supervised by a nine member Board of Directors (click here for a list of the Officers and Directors). Eligibility requirements include Credit Union membership and active employment with The Linde Group, Inc. Members of the Board of Directors are elected at the Credit Union’s Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in February and is open to all members, and typically serve three year terms. Regular Board meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the year.